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Quarantine Tip #4

Are you ready for Quarantine Tip #4? Today, we are going to talk about exercise! The Gym has been closed for a month now! Are you going crazy missing it? Do you hate the gym and don’t care! LOL. I personally hate working out, but I need to workout! I don’t’ workout for weight loss (it helps, but really weight loss is 80% your diet). Why do I workout, I workout for my mental health.

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Why do I workout? And why should you?

First, working out is going to improve your mood. Not to get all sciency, (sciencie, sciencey…hmmm….nevermind lol). When we exercise, the brain releases endorphins. These are the feel-good chemicals. Endorphins help to improve your mood, reduce anxiety and enhance your self-esteem.

Since we are all pretty much stuck at home with our husband and kids, improving our moods so we don’t kill our husband or our kids is a pretty good thing.

Second, working out helps reduce stress. I know this mess has me stressed out. We have had to close the spa and the school and then on top of that figure out how to keep our students going with their education online. Massage is not something you can teach online!! But we have moved classroom subjects online and it has been difficult. (PS let your kids’ teacher know how much you appreciate them, even if you are stressed from homeschooling, because getting lesson plans online is not easy!!)

Third, working out boosts energy and brainpower. Exercise helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the brain, this means you can concentrate better and think clearly. A plus when we are trying to stay awake working from home!!

Lastly, there are a ton more reasons to workout, but I want to talk about the immune system and right now, it is the most important. Exercise helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Here are some quotes from Science News’ Article Regular exercise benefits immunity — even in isolation.

“They say that, in the short term, exercise can help the immune system find and deal with pathogens, and in the long term, regular exercise slows down changes that happen to the immune system with ageing, therefore reducing the risk of infections.”

Author Dr James Turner from the Department for Health at the University of Bath explains: “Our work has concluded that there is very limited evidence for exercise directly increasing the risk of becoming infected with viruses. In the context of coronavirus and the conditions we find ourselves in today, the most important consideration is reducing your exposure from other people who may be carrying the virus. But people should not overlook the importance of staying fit, active and healthy during this period. Provided it is carried out in isolation — away from others — then regular, daily exercise will help better maintain the way the immune system works — not suppress it.”

So even though we can’t go to the gym, which is probably a good thing right now, we can and should be working out at home to help out immune system

So how can we workout at home?

You have several options for working out at home, especially if you already own some equipment. Many people already own a treadmill or something similar. If not, don’t worry, I have other options.

Get outside. You can always pick up running/biking/hiking. The Governor recently reopened state parks. The track at Coggin park has been open, or you could even run in your neighborhood. PS there are some awesome new hiking/biking trails at Riverside Park. If you want to start running, but unsure how to start, check out this link. It is a couch to 5K with tons of links to help you get started.

Looking for something with some structure? I’m a Beachbody coach and LOVE the variety that I have with their on demand videos. There are thousands of different workouts available. My personal favorite are 21 Day Fix Real-Time, Barre Blend, and Country Heat. I jump around depending upon what I feel like for the day, but they each have calendars so you can follow a plan. Some programs require you to have weights, some don’t. Sometimes, I modify and don’t even use the weights because I wouldn’t be able to do the moves with my 3 pound weights (the smallest I have)

Want to try it out for free? You can get access to 17 or more free workouts by signing up here. If you want to get a 2-week free trial to see all the workouts, send me a message below or message me on facebook and I will get you set up.

So today, I want you to get to moving!! Find 5 minutes today to get in a little exercise for your health!!


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