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Quarantine Tips Self-Care

Quarantine Tip #3

How is everyone doing? Are you going crazy at home? Today’s Tip is about self-care. I know you are stuck at home and looking for things to do and keep the kids busy and try to work, etc. Today, I want to recommend that you find some “me time”.

I know, you have too much going on. You are going crazy from helping the kids with homework to trying to do your own work from home and keep the house clean and make meals and…and…and… I know, it is crazy right now. But you need to find some me time.

Did you miss Tip #1 or Tip #2?

I want you to know, you can’t do it all and you don’t have to!! Working from home and trying to home school kids are 2 full-time jobs! So today, I want you to give yourself a break, you deserve it. I know you are superwoman, but you need a little break. See if you can find 5 minutes just for yourself!

Me time gives you a chance to escape for a few minutes and focus on yourself. This is a chance for you to recharge your batteries! Before the quarantine, you would have a chance to come into Fancy’s to get a massage, but that hour of me time once a month or once a week is gone right now. So every day, I want you to find just 5 minutes that you can take for yourself because you deserve it.

What do you like to do for “me time”? Tell me down below in the comments.

I’ve included a few links to amazon in my post today, there are affiliate links down below to some products I think you will love.

For myself in my me time, I like to escape into a book. Some people love to feel a book in their hands, but I personally love my kindle. I have several books on it I’m reading at the same time depending upon what mood I’m in. And it is light enough I can carry it in my purse.

Have you seen the new Kindle? It is waterproof!! You can take it in the bathtub and if you drop it, it will be ok!! I may have to get me one LOL.

Did you know that if you have an Amazon Prime account you get a free book a month plus they have books you can borrow and then return them when you are done!

On top of that, there are tons of FREE books on Amazon for your Kindle. I did a quick search and found this one that I think I’m going to get. I like murder mystery books and right now free is amazing!!

Did you know that you can add the Kindle app to your phone and you don’t even need to have one to get the free books using your Amazon Prime account, you can read them on your phone and we always have our phones with us!!

Don’t forget to tell me down below in the comments what you like to do for “Me time”


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