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Tips for Spa Staycation

The past few months have been stressful for many, to say the least. With so many divided about the subject of reopening businesses and summer approaching, you’re likely faced with a dilemma. Whether you had to cancel your scheduled vacation due to closures or you’re on the fence about making plans, here are a few tips for an alternative – the perfect staycation.

The Science Behind Post-Workout Massage

While many people think of massage as just a feel-good sort of luxury, there are actually numerous health benefits, one of the many being post-workout recovery.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: What You Can Do About It

If you ever experience pain, tingling, or numbness in your hand and fingers, specifically the thumb, index, and middle fingers, then you may want to get checked for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

6 Major Types of Headaches and How They Can Be Treated

At some point in our lives, we will all experience a headache. Did you know there are different types of headaches, and different causes and treatments for each?

Does Deep Tissue Have to Hurt?

As a massage therapist, I have had so many people tell me they don’t want a deep tissue massage because it is going to hurt. Do you think a deep tissue massage always hurts?

5 Steps to Knock Out a Headache FAST!

Headaches are frustrating and can interrupt an otherwise great day. With a mix of work, family, friends, traffic, big projects, and stress, life can take a toll and result in a raging headache, usually at the worst possible time. But do you have to lock yourself in a dark room and take painkillers to get it to go away?

All About Massage Cupping

Massage cupping, or just ‘cupping’ crops up in the news and celebrity pages every now and again. So, what exactly is massage cupping?

5 Conditions You May be Surprised Can Benefit from Massage

While many consider massage therapy to be a luxury or simply for relaxation purposes, you might be surprised to know that massage has many more benefits beyond that. Massage therapy has been shown to improve a wide variety of medical conditions, and here’s 5 that you may be surprised by.

What to Expect in a Hot Stone Massage

As the temperatures outside get cooler you may find that your body is craving warmth. Why not try out a hot stone massage?

What couples massage can do for you

Giving your partner a body massage is a treat; and a wonderful way of helping them de-stress after a hard day and showing them you care. There are obvious benefits to the lucky person on the receiving end of the massage of course; but what about the person giving it?